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Growing Chocolate, Cultivating Dreams

Our Chocolate Journey Begins in the Heart of Bohol

In 2007, a simple question sparked a dream: “Has anyone ever successfully farmed cacao in Bohol, the land of the Chocolate Hills?” This question came from Karl, my husband, and it set us on an extraordinary journey. With four children to care for, I had spent a decade as a devoted stay-at-home mom. During this time, I became a silent gatherer of information and a passionate explorer of cacao and chocolate. It became evident to me that Bohol needed its very own chocolate cacao post-harvest facility, nurtured by the cacao farmers who call this island home.

Cacao, Culture, and Family Traditions

Bohol Chocolate Farm isn’t just a venture; it’s a testament to the love we have for our land, our heritage, and our cherished family traditions. It’s a love that harks back to the ’80s when my Papa first planted cacao. In the bygone days, cacao found its sanctuary in Bohol’s rich soil, a sacred ingredient destined to transform into the very essence of our cherished hot chocolate drink, “sikwate.” It wasn’t just a daily indulgence; it was a timeless ritual, an elixir of warmth passed down through generations in our family.

Our Purpose: Sustainable Cacao Farming and Beyond

At Bohol Chocolate Farm, we’re driven by a steadfast purpose: to make sustainable, environmentally conscious cacao farming a reality. We are dedicated to providing accessible, sustainable, and top-tier fine-flavor cacao, cacao products, and cacao farming services. We adhere to the highest standards and protocols in cacao farming and chocolate making to produce single-origin fine-flavor cacao and reliable, effective cacao farming services.

Cacao coffee | Captured by visitor

Our Vision: A Chocolate Haven in Bohol

Our vision is to transform Bohol into a celebrated source of quality fine-flavor cacao products and dependable cacao farming services. We proudly welcome local and international visitors to a chocolate cacao post-harvest facility right here on our farm. Here, they can immerse themselves in the world of cacao, savor its creations, and gain a deeper understanding of its rich heritage.

From Tree to Treats: Sourcing and Ingredients

At BCF, we craft our chocolates with a commitment to ethics and sustainability. Our chocolates are created exclusively from ethically grown raw materials and ingredients, preferably sourced right here on the island. We’ve consciously bid farewell to synthetic pesticides, choosing natural alternatives that may not make our fruits look perfect but do play a vital role in preserving our Mother Earth.

Cacao | Captured by visitor

Community and a Sweet Future

Our dedication to cacao farming and sustainability goes beyond our farm’s borders. We’ve partnered with the Agricultural Training Institute of the Department of Agriculture, sharing our cacao farming knowledge with participants in their programs. Our future dreams are even more ambitious – envisioning the first chocolate school in Bohol.

Our visitors share the magic of their experience

Words from Our Chocolate Explorers

“An incredible day learning the art of chocolate-making and savoring its secrets! Noel, the master chocolatier, filled our minds with cacao wisdom. If you find yourself in Bohol, this is a must-visit place! Amazing people and an unforgettable experience 🇵🇭.”

“They unveiled the entire process of chocolate production, answering every question and even letting us harvest and taste the chocolate fruit ourselves. Afterward, we sipped chocolate tea and savored 100% chocolate. The experience was nothing short of fascinating and delicious! 😋”

These are just glimpses of the countless stories shared by our beloved visitors, earning us an impressive 5-star rating on Google with 26 glowing reviews and counting.

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Bohol Chocolate Farm is where the soul of cacao intertwines with the tapestry of culture, where aspirations sweeten into the most delectable realities. Join us and partake in the sheer delight of chocolate!

Discover a Symphony of Flavors

Immerse yourself in the world of fine-flavor cacao, meticulously nurtured from tree to treat. Our chocolates are more than confections; they’re an expression of Bohol’s agricultural prowess and a tribute to generations of cacao farming.

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