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Immerse yourself in the world of fine-flavor cacao, meticulously nurtured from tree to treat. Our chocolates are more than confections; they’re an expression of Bohol’s agricultural prowess and a tribute to generations of cacao farming.

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“An incredible day learning the art of chocolate-making and savoring its secrets! Noel, the master chocolatier, filled our minds with cacao wisdom. If you find yourself in Bohol, this is a must-visit place! Amazing people and an unforgettable experience 🇵🇭.”

“They unveiled the entire process of chocolate production, answering every question and even letting us harvest and taste the chocolate fruit ourselves. Afterward, we sipped chocolate tea and savored 100% chocolate. The experience was nothing short of fascinating and delicious! 😋”

These are just glimpses of the countless stories shared by our beloved visitors, earning us an impressive 5-star rating on Google with 26 glowing reviews and counting.

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